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We will not tolerate abusive language, threats of violence or verbal assaults towards any of our managers, players, volunteers, coaches, referees or officials.

If you find yourself getting angry, losing your temper, or criticising players, managers or officials, remove yourself from the pitch, grab a coffee, go for a walk and have a think about whether this is the sport for you.

Many of our referees are children, but regardless of age we have a duty of care to ensure the safety of match officials, and we will stop a match and report it to the relevant leagues and FA if we feel the behaviour of spectators, managers or players is cause for concern.

If you witness any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable or you feel is unnecessary, please report it to your team respect officer or click on the link below to report it directly to the club. Don't feel you have to get involved, speak to the team manager who will deal with it if they can.

Our children are entitled to play the sport they love in a safe and happy environment, don't let the minority spoil it - Kick It Out

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